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Ribbed walls in the TV room 

Decorating a TV room where family and friends can gather to watch adventure movies or romantic comedies is something that many dreams about. But to get a cozy TV room doesn’t just require a TV and a comfortable sofa. Equally important is that the room as a whole is decorated in a cozy fashion and that hard walls do not create an uncomfortable acoustic atmosphere. One way to combine design and function is to install sound-absorbing design ribbed walls.

Ribbed walls make the TV room “quieter”

The secret behind the many design possibilities and the sound-absorbing properties of ribbed walls from Wall Ribbon is its unique construction. The slats, which are found in both wood and other materials, are placed on top of a sound-absorbing acoustic blanket. This makes it harder for the sound waves to bounce. The slats divert the sound waves so that they are sent away in different directions, and the acoustic blanket dampens them. If you choose to decorate your TV room with acoustic panels from Wall Ribbon, you simply get an acoustic environment that will make the atmosphere comfortable of the TV room much more pleasant.

The construction also means that the rib walls can be combined in many different ways. In this way, you can match the existing interior of the TV room, regardless of style. With both light kinds of wood and a light acoustic blanket, you get a light feeling. But if you want it darker and cozy, you can choose dark woods and black acoustic blankets. There are also variants where the acoustic blanket and the ribs do not have the same tones. Finally, there are also variants that are reminiscent of hard materials such as stone and marble, but which are at the same time just as sound-absorbing as all the other ribbed walls in the range.

With ribbed walls, the TV room is simply elevated both in terms of design and sound. With them installed you can gather your family here for the next adventure, whether it’s a horror movie or romantic comedy you are planning to watch.

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