WallRibbon products are a part of Wallsystems by Glimakra of Sweden. We are a Swedish company with value-driving factors such as Scandinavian acoustic higher design, greater flexibility, and better quality. With these words as our guidelines we create favorable sound landscapes for different types of environments.

With knowledge and experience, we develop and manufacture products at our production facilities in Glimåkra / Tranås. We have an ongoing collaboration with many prominent designers and with two factories in Sweden, we are a big player in acoustic design.


We have been working with wood for almost 75 years and have acquired solid expertise over the years. In our factories, craftsmanship is passed down the generations in natural succession. Ever since the company started in 1948 and until 1998, the manufacture of handlooms has been an important part of the business. In the mid-80s the business was increasingly targeted on designed interior products for public spaces. In 2016 Glimakra of Sweden bought a production unit in Tranås, a leading supplier of veneered components to the furniture and interior carpentry industry. Now in 2021, we are taking a new step and that is to offer some of our products to the private market through WallRibbon.

Glimakra of Sweden has been a part of Garpco group (garpco.com) since 2007

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