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Staircase with slat walls

The staircase in a house is often an overlooked place when it comes to interior design efforts. At the same time, this is a place that deserves attention, not the least because it is a place where disturbing echoes bounce between the floors. To install ribbed walls here is a solution that increasingly is gaining in popularity. 

What is a slat wall?

A ribbed wall is a modular wall panel with sound-absorbing properties and the ribs are made of wood. The wall panels can then be adapted and placed both in the ceiling and on the walls. In terms of design, they are also available in different designs, which means that you can give the area around the stairs exactly the design you wish for. By choosing light woods and light acoustic blankets, you get a completely different feeling than if you choose darker tones. Lining the walls around the stairs with slatted walls thus means that you have great opportunities to make them fit into the home’s existing interior. You are also free to put up just as many ribbed walls as you want. Some choose to cover the entire wall around the stairs with panels, while some only choose a few places. It all depends on what you find aesthetically pleasing. 

Another option is to install acoustic panels in the ceiling. This is an effective and almost invisible way to dampen the sound level and avoid disturbing echoes in the staircase.

How do slat walls dampen the sound?

Ribbed walls dampen the sound through their unique construction. The ribs make the sound bounce in different directions, and the damping acoustic blanket absorb the sound waves. It simply makes any room quieter, and it is especially a good idea to install ribbed walls in the staircase. 

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