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Installing ribbed walls in the conservatory

Conservatories are a popular way for homeowners to extend the warm seasons. With a glazed conservatory, you get the opportunity to enjoy the garden in early spring and late autumn. And to make the space extra nice and cozy, ribbed walls are a good choice to decorate with. Wall Ribbon offers ribbed walls that suit all interior styles and are also easy to assemble. The unique design with sound-insulating properties will make your conservatory significantly “quieter” and more comfortable to stay in.

Elements of beautiful wood or “marble”?

The appearance of ribbed walls can vary enormously depending on the material and treatment of the ribs themselves, as well as how the acoustic blanket is designed. Despite the simple construction the look can be varied to give a range of different impressions. In many ribbed walls, the slats are made of wood with different properties and treatments. With lighter woods, you can make your conservatory feel light and airy, as the lighter tones reflect light and create a spacious feel. But darker woods, such as oak, will instead give the conservatory a more subdued character. What you choose, depends on the type of conservatory you want and what matches the rest of the interior. 

If your conservatory has stone paving, it may also be an idea to consider ribbed walls that are reminiscent of hard materials. Wall Ribbon offers ribbed walls reminiscent of e.g. stone, marble, and cement. They are so well made that even experienced interior designers have a hard time distinguishing them from the original materials. At the same time, they have the same sound-insulating properties as all other ribbed walls in the range.

Flexible installation

Rib walls can be installed in the conservatory in a very flexible manner. Maybe you just want a few panels on one wall, or cover the entire wall for maximum sound absorption? Regardless, the ribbed walls will help you make the conservatory a more comfortable place to stay in. They create optimal conditions for happy laughter and interesting discussions without you having to be bothered by annoying echoes.

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