Our slat walls are a beautiful design component and are made with the environment in mind. The products are made in Sweden and meet the highest standards of sustainability. To emphasize our commitment to sustainability, our products are manufactured in a factory that is FSC-certified. This means that the wood used in manufacturing comes from responsibly managed forests and that we contribute to the conservation of forests and their ecosystems. The acoustic blanket is an excellent example of how recycling can play a key role in sustainable product development. The blanket is made from polyester fibers derived from PET bottles. By reusing materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, we reduce the amount of waste and minimize the impact on our environment. It is not only a step towards reducing the amount of plastic waste in our surroundings, but also a way to create a product with excellent sound-absorbing properties.

In addition to material selection, we have also considered the life cycle of the product. Our wooden slat walls are easy to install on the wall and can be easily dismantled and reused if the need changes or the product reaches the end of its useful life. This reduces the burden on the waste management system and minimizes our overall impact on the environment.

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for us. It is an integral part of our product development and manufacturing process. By using FSC-certified wood, recycled materials and a product that is easy to maintain and reuse, we strive to reduce our impact on the environment while offering a product of high quality and design. We are confident that our commitment to sustainability will not only benefit the current generation but also create a better future for generations to come.

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