A wall panel consists of boards that are easily mounted on interior walls to create a different character for the room. In the past, interior panelling was common as it was thought to reduce draughts and offer an insulating effect.

Our exclusive wall panels have wood veneers with a natural and unique wood grain, which means there is no repeated pattern on the wall they are mounted on. The wood grain is enhanced by the precision application of the right amount of varnish to the surface.  The veneering technique we use is designed to hide the joins between the panels as well as possible.

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We supply very high-quality, durable, and maintenance-free interior panels.

Our wall panels are available in different types of wood, colors and finishes. We have panels inspired by rugged Corten steel and marble, along with wall panels with classic wood veneers like oak, walnut and ash. Both light and dark.

There are two standard sizes for the panels. The most common is 2,400 mm long and 600 mm wide, then there are also panels that are 2,960 mm long and 600 mm wide. Other dimensions can be ordered to size. All panel sizes are 13 mm thick. The weight per panel is 14 kg for the 2400 mm and 18 kg for the longer size.

Although we have taken care to reproduce the different wall panels as well as possible in the pictures, we recommend ordering samples before placing a large order if you are unsure and want to see what they look like in your home. Different environments and lighting can affect their appearance when in situ.

Please order samples, as the wall panel is not always digitally reproduced accurately. We also sell accessories to make installation easier.

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