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Two options are available:

  • 94.488” x 23.622” (2 400 x 600 mm).
  • 116.535” x 23.622” (2 960 x 600 mm).

Our acoustic felts come in three colors; black, grey, and white. Since we have a large selection of panels it is not possible to combine ribs and color of felt freely.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@wallribbon.com.

  • One 94.488” x 23.622” (2 400 x 600 mm) panel covers 15.5 ft² (1.44 m²).
  • One 116.535” x 23,622” (2960 x 600 mm) panel covers 19.05 ft² (1.77 m²).

Keep in mind that installation of panels may result in spillage.

No. We recommend using a circular, plunge, or fine-toothed saw.

If you want to cut the panel's felt, we recommend using a carpet knife.

The Classic Oak panel has no knots in the wood structure, the Rustic Natural Oak has knots giving the wood a more rustic look.

For a more white-pigmented oak, we recommend our white-pigmented oil. 

Classic Oak is an untreated oak panel, while Diamond Oak has a lacquered surface.

Classic Ash is an untreated ash panel, while Diamond Ash has a 2 % white pigmented lacquered finish.

No, but you can buy the panels and then remove the clips on the back.

Cutting for height: Use a circular or plunge saw, apply a ruler to get a straight cut.

Cutting for width: As above, if the cut is on a wooden strip. If the cut is on the acoustic felt, use a carpet knife.   

Unfortunately, we do not offer that service in the USA yet.

The gap between the ribs on our panels is 0.59o” (15 mm).  

The width of our ribs is 0.984” (25 mm).

Yes, oiling the MDF edges will create a glossier finish.

Tip: Use spillage from cutting panels to test for exact result.

There are 15 ribs on all our panels. 

Order and delivery

Yes. You enjoy the right of cancellation for 14 days, starting on the day of delivery. We will reimburse you for products purchased, but no other costs such as shipment, transportation, payment fees, et cetera will be reimbursed. Exception: The right of withdrawal does not apply to custom made products, produced to meet a customer’s unique specifications, for example saw cuts. Detailed information: Read more about the right of withdrawal under Purchase Conditions, Right of Withdrawal.

One year on material and manufacturing defects. We always strive to deliver the highest quality. However, the guarantee only applies to home use.

The warranty does not apply if one or more of the following is true:

  • Panels that have been imperfectly assembled, used, altered, or cleaned improperly.
  • Normal wear and tear, marks/scratches or other damage caused by negligence.
  • If the panels have been installed outdoors or in a humid environment.
  • If the panels have been damaged due to an accident.

The warranty only applies when the products have been installed at a locale and with a method in line with our recommendations and specifications.

2 - 7 working days, currently. Of course we always strive for the lower end of the timespan.

No. We use the services of NTG Freight, therefore we cannot choose a specific delivery day for the customer.

Yes, for two reasons: You need to sign a receipt that you have received the products your ordered and ensure that no damage has occurred during shipping and handling.

Assembly and installation

Yes, if the curve is not too sharp. The soft RecoSilent acoustic blanket behind the wooden ribs can be mounted on a rounded wall.

Yes, but we recommend that you glue the panels on lightweight concrete. Otherwise, you must use plugs.

If the ribbed panels are on the floor/plinth, we recommend glue as it is the easiest method.

We do not recommend installing our panels in bathrooms or other wet rooms.

Exception: A guest toilet without a shower is not a problem. 

We do not recommend installing our panels in a sauna, heat and humidity will damage them.

Yes. Vertical vs horizontal installment does not change the acoustic properties of the wall panels.

We do not recommend mounting our panels around a fireplace, the heat will damage them and will also create a fire hazard.

Use a jigsaw/hole saw to make a suitable hole in the panel. Then install the plug, either on top or recessed in the panel. You find installation instructions for ribbed walls and wall panels on our assembly page.

We do not recommend installing our panels outdoors.

Yes, provided that your conservatory is insulated and has year-round heating.

Yes. On the long side, our panels have an overlap of 0.196” (5 mm) that will hide the joints. On the short side, place them end to end or use a finishing strip between panels.

You can install our panels on almost any surface; concrete, wood, wallpaper, or brick.

We recommend gluing the finishing strip to the wall panel and the existing wall. You can also screw or nail the molding to the wall.

Yes. We recommend that you use our mounting screws in this case. Use twice as many screws as you would on a wall and place them at a distance of 11.811” (30 cm) for the best result.


Recycled plastic, more than 50 % is from PET bottles. The blanket fulfils all requirements set by REACH regulation EC1907/2006.  

The producer certifies that the felt does not exceed 0.1 % of substances listed on the following:  

  • European Chemical Agency´s Annex XVII list of Restricted Substances.  
  • The European Union Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS 3 EU2015/863).  
  • Californian Proposition 65 list under the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.  
  • International Living Future Institute (ILFI). 

Our panels consist of 0.472” (12 mm) MDF and 0.023” (o.6 mm) FSC Certified veneer (surface treatment, lacquered, stained or untreated), high-pressure laminate or water-based paint. The product fulfils Möbelfakta's requirements for the environment and responsible supply chains.


The easiest way to clean the panels is using a dry mop or vacuum them gently. 

If they are oiled, apply new oil about once a year. Keep in mind that wood is a living material; the panels will become sun-bleached and change slightly over time.

No, unless you have oiled them yourself. In that case you need to apply new oil about once per year.

Sound classification

The sound rating of Wallribbon Acoustic Panels is A-, C-, or D-class depending on how they are mounted or installed:

  • Mounted directly on the wall: D-class.  
  • Installation with 1.771” (45 mm) air gap without insulation: C-class.  
  • Installation with 1.771” (45 mm) mineral wool: A-class, with extra good values for low frequencies.  

Not really. But they do offer some sound reduction due to the acoustic blanket.

Yes, since they help to absorb the room's sound. The total effect depends on how many you use and the room´s size.

Fire class

The acoustic felt on our standard acoustic wall panels is fire-rated Bs1-D0. The wooden slats are fire-rated Ds2-D0.

Please contact info@wallribbon.us for more information.


It is a matter of taste; it does not matter from a technical perspective. 

The pictures on the website give a good and inspiring view of the panels.

However, the perceived color of the panels on your screen also depends on the brightness and quality of your screen. Also, wood is a living, natural material, and thus varies in color and general look.

We recommend that you order samples from us, to be sure that the panel meets your expectations.

The rib itself can hold smaller weights. If you are going to put up heavier things, like pots, screens, or shelves, we strongly recommend that you anchor the objects to the underlying wall.  

We manufacture our acoustic panels in the small town of Vittaryd in southern Sweden; all materials are Swedish.

Products for our customers in the USA are handled from our warehouse in New York, in order to shorten delivery times.

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