Black Slate, black RecoSilent (acoustic felt)


Saw cut

Example 1: If you want 3 panels sawn down to the desired height = 3 saw cuts. If you choose 1 saw cut = 1 panel is only sawn of 3 panels.

Example 2: If you want 1 panel in 4 parts of 500 mm = 3 saw cuts with the height 500 mm.

NOTE! The saw blade takes 4mm at each saw cut of the panel.

Write the desired number of saw cuts

A ribbed wall in a material reminiscent of the natural stone schist. This ribbed wall gives an exclusive touch to any living room at home or meeting room at an office. And the exclusive visual qualities come without any of the drawbacks that are associated with natural stone walls since it is also a highly effective acoustic panel that prohibits sound from bouncing. The ribbed wall is easy to install, and you will find everything you need for a successful installation in our webshop.

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 244 × 64 × 2.2 cm


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