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White Aspen Matt, grey RecoSilent (Acoustic felt)

Price including tax: $233.96

Wrapped in a sophisticated grey acoustic felt, accentuated by pristine white ribs and soft, rounded edges, our White Aspen Matt slat wall emanates understated elegance. Its matte finish adds a touch of refinement, making it a tasteful statement in any setting. Beyond its aesthetics, the White Aspen Matt excels in quieting spaces, enhancing both visual and acoustic comfort.

Crafted entirely from 100% recyclable plastic, this sound-absorbing blanket aligns with our dedication to eco-friendly practices. To ensure the fidelity of color and texture, we encourage you to request samples, as digital displays may not fully capture the richness of our ribbed walls

The NCS colour for White Aspen Matt is NCS S-0300-N Gloss 10.


  • Slat wall panel: H 94.488″ x W 23.622″ / H 116.535″ x W 23.622″
  • Thickness: 0.866″
  • Wooden lath: 0.984″ x 0.47″ (15 pcs / panel)
Weight 22.04 lbs
Dimensions 94.488 × 23.622 × 0.866 in

H 116.535" x W 23.622", H 94.488" x W 23.622"

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