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Diamond Oak, grey RecoSilent (acoustic felt)

Diamond Oak is a luxurious, varnished, slatted light oak veneer wall panel on an acoustic felt base made from 100% recycled plastic. Diamond Oak is a maintenance-free, high-quality slatted wall panel made for the bright, Scandinavian home. Varnishing gives the panels a glossy finish which can be illuminated in different ways to create the perfect atmosphere for yourself.


  • Slat wall panel: H 94.488″ x W 23.622″ / H 116.535″ x W 23.622″
  • Thickness: 0.866″
  • Wooden lath: 0.984″ x 0.47″ (15 pcs / panel)
Weight 22.04 lbs
Dimensions 94.488 × 23.622 × 0.866 in

H 116.535" x W 23.622", H 94.488" x W 23.622"

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