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    Finishing strip Ribbon-Color

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  • Accessories

    Finishing strip Ribbon-Wood

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  • Skarvremsa vit, grå och svart

    Joint strip

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  • Accessories

    Dimmable LED lighting strips – 24V

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  • Träolja ribbväggVårdande olja ribbpaneler och ribbvägg

    Nourishing Oil

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  • Monteringslim ribbväggar och ribbpaneler

    Mounting glue – 290ml

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  • Accessories

    Mounting screw

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Wood Slat Wall Accessories

Here you will find all the accessories you need to mount and care for your wood slat wall. If you add this to your main order, you will receive everything in the same delivery.

Accessories for installation

To be able to install your ribbed walls, we offer mounting screws and mounting glue. Then you can also order splice strips and end strips. Splice strips are used to fill in the distance between two or more ribbed walls, and end strips to get a perfect finish. With end strips and splice strips, you can thus create large covering surfaces of ribbed walls that look amazing.

Preserving oils

You can also order preserving oils for your wood slat walls. Because our ribbed walls are made of wood, this means that over time they will dry out if not treated properly. Our wood-preserving oil moisturizes and preserves the feeling of the wood, and makes the ribbed walls last longer. We offer two alternatives, a natural and a white pigmented oil. Both give the wood strong water and dirt-repellent surface.

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions about our accessories.

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