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Ribbed walls in the living room

A ribbed wall in the living room changes the feel of the room and also improves the acoustic atmosphere. The living room is a gathering place for both the family and visitors, and it is therefore common for many to prioritize this room the most when it comes to furniture and interior design. Our ribbed walls are available in lots of different designs and are made to fit into most different environments. In addition, they are easy to assemble. Below you will find inspirational pictures that can give you ideas about choosing the right ribbed walls for your living room.

Design options

The ribbed walls from Wall Ribbon offer designs to fit into all types of living rooms. As the basic construction consists of wooden slats in combination with an acoustic blanket, the choice of color and material can be varied in a fantastic way. For example, if you want a lighter tone in the living room, you can choose ribbed walls in light woods with light acoustic blankets. For a darker feel, there are more rustic options. In addition, there are ribbed walls that make your living room bare and modern, through the options that are reminiscent of cement, stone, and other hard materials. The wide range of choices makes it easy to find ribbed walls that match and complement your living room’s existing style.

A quieter living room

Installing slatted walls in the living room is not just about style and decor. With ribbed walls, the acoustic atmosphere becomes more comfortable. The construction of wooden slats on an underlying acoustic blanket will simply make your living room an even more attractive place to spend time in, whether it is with the family on a weekday evening or at a wonderful party you throw.

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