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Slat wall with LED lighting

Slat walls in homes as well as in public places are increasingly popular. It is an effective way to get “quieter” rooms and at the same time a cozy and professional-looking interior. The latest trend is also to let LED lighting be combined with ribbed walls. It creates exciting opportunities to create a spatial depth and is also an energy-efficient lighting alternative.

Dimmable LED lighting

It is easy to mount LED lighting on slat walls. The loops are something that you can buy separately at check out when you have selected a slat wall. The LED lighting is mounted between the wooden slats in the acoustic panels. The black custom-made aluminum profile that comes with it is made to fit perfectly. The strip also comes with a cable that is easy to hide behind the acoustic blanket, which means that it is not visible after installation. The lighting is not only an energy-efficient light source, but it is also dimmable. This allows you to adjust the brightness to achieve the feeling you want in the room.

Only the imagination sets limits

Slat walls with LED lighting are something that fits in all environments. They serve as an exciting alternative or complement to ordinary ceiling lighting and will give the room a feeling of space and depth. In the hall, as well as in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, ribbed walls with LED lighting will create an environment similar to what is found in exclusive hotels and lounges. The ability to dim the lighting is also a big plus, as different brightnesses allow you to create different moods in the room.

Dimmable LED lighting can be installed in all ribbed walls from WallRibbon. It is only your imagination that sets the limits of how you use the lighting to emphasize and give depth to your room with ribbed walls.

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