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Rib walls in the hallway

The hallway is the place in your home where people come and go on a daily basis. If you have a large hallway, it may also be a place where people gather to socialize. This means it is also a place where you want to create a harmonic acoustic atmosphere. Installing ribbed walls in the hallway is an easy way to make this happen. Ribbed walls encourage socializing and make the hall a perfect place to receive your guests.

The design options

Some want their hallway to be a bright place that breathes modernity. Others want a darker and more rustic tone reminiscent of the old times. Regardless, Wall Ribbon got something for all tastes. With birch slats and a light acoustic blanket, you create an airy hallway that gives a feeling of large light inlets. If you instead choose darker woods and a dark acoustic blanket, you get a more subdued atmosphere in the room. In addition, there are a number of different alternatives for those who want the hall to be influenced by hard materials such as concrete and stone. In other words, it is possible to get exactly the feeling you want in your hallway with our acoustic panels.

Easy to install

Installing a ribbed wall does not require any prior knowledge. In addition, you can constantly adapt the acoustic walls to your own needs. It is quite possible to let the panels cover entire walls, as well as only parts of them. You can also install them in the ceiling. All of this allows you to let them shape your hallway exactly the way you want, without sacrificing their soundproofing properties.


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