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Ribbed walls in the office

The interior of the office can have an impact on your business’s success. It is essential that your employees thrive and that the customers who come to visit get a good impression. Therefore more and more business owners are choosing to install ribbed walls to create a pleasant atmosphere. On the one hand, they create a professional impression, and on the other hand, they dampen the sound in the rooms and make them more comfortable to work in. 

A quieter work environment

The ribbed walls provide a more comfortable working environment due to their unique construction. The slats that rest on a sound-absorbing acoustic blanket, simply make it harder for the sound waves to bounce between the walls. For an office where there is a lot of movement and talk, it is guaranteed to make a big difference. And a “quieter” and more pleasant acoustic environment will have the consequence that both concentration and well-being of your employees increase. The range of different designs is large, and you have more than enough options to create exactly the feel your want for your office. 


The ribbed walls from Wall Ribbon can be varied in many ways, and while some have wooden slats, there are also a number of variants that are reminiscent of materials such as stone, cement, and marble. By varying the colors and shades of the underlying acoustic blanket, they can be made to fit into any kind of environment. If you want an office that is bright and modern, choose light woods, for example. For a rustic office that may be reminiscent of a discreet lobby, choose darker. Make a plan and then adapt the ribbed walls to add both sound attenuation and character to the office to the extent you feel is right.

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